Fairy Bread

Fairy bread is one of Australia’s interesting culinary creations. Apparently a huge hit with kids, and a common feature in children’s party. I can see the appeal. It’s colourful, sweet, crunchy, and has the word “fairy” in it. And it’s messy to eat, which is always a bonus. I think I would love it too… if I was 2 year old.

So I was surprised when J asked me to make fairy bread for his morning tea. An unusual request from a grown man, I thought.

I was told instructed by J that fairy bread MUST be made with fresh soft white bread. And it MUST be cut diagonally into 2 small triangles. And it should preferably be served, piled up on a polystyrene tray like how they did it in the yesteryears.

“So do you want the crust off or on?” I asked.

“Oh yah…. Haha…” He chuckled, obviously reminiscing again. “Crust off please.”

While I was making these, it suddenly dawned on me that my iphone cover (which I love very much) looks like fairy bread.

(Guess which one is my mobile phone...)

Not much of a recipe here. You only need three ingredients- fresh soft white bread, butter at room temperature, and 100s and 1000s (aka sprinkles). First, place 100s and 1000s on a plate. Spread a thick layer of butter evenly over the bread. Press the bread, buttered-side down, into the 100s and 1000s to coat. Cut crust off bread, and diagonally into 2 triangles.

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  1. Anonymous23.2.14

    I just really love that pink plate, where did you got that from?

  2. Belle24.2.14

    It's a Royal Albert plate. I got it several years ago at a clearance sale. You might still be able to buy the plate online?


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