Hello. My name is Belle. I live in Perth, Western Australia. I'm obsessed about food. I think about food pretty much all the time. When I'm not in the kitchen cooking or baking, I will be on the net stalking food blogs and the likes for inspiration. I have a thing for cookbooks and food magazines. Because of that, I have too many cookbooks and an ever-growing list of recipes I want to attempt.

I love coffee, exploring new places, cold sunny days, puppies, yummy food and bookshops.

This blog is created because I enjoy blogging, taking photos and baking. It’s a space where I can store my favourite recipes, like a recipe box, except that it’s more organise here. My actual recipe box is not a box but several folders; disorganise, and contain handwritten recipes, printouts, and torn-out magazine/newspaper pages. They are often lightly floured, greased with butter, and if it’s a chocolate recipe; chocolate smeared too. I hope to transfer all my favourite recipes here, and share some new ones too as I go along.

I chose the name, Cakelets and Doilies, because it rhymes. And I like little cakes. And old fashion paper doilies too.

My email is cakeletsanddoilies@gmail.com

You can also follow me at pinterest and instagram.