Monday, March 18, 2013

Gordon Street Garage

There have been much hype about the new exciting café/bar, Gordon Street Garage, at West Perth near Harbour Town. Since we happened to be in the neighbourhood on Saturday, we thought we would pop in for lunch and coffee.

We were immediately bowled over by the trendy industrial chic décor. We were also surprised by the size of the place, which has two floors and plenty of seating. Still, the place was packed when we were there at about 1pm.

After looking through the menu, we decided to start with frites, aka chips. (Apologises for the blurry and low quality photos. I didn’t bring along my camera, and had to use my iphone to take these photos.)

We shared the BBQ rubbed pork belly with granny smith apple,

and the 4 seasons wood-fired pizza with prosciutto, artichoke, mushroom, capers and shaved red onion.

For desserts, we had the chocolate mousse cake,

and orange almond flourless cake.

We love the vibe of this place. The chocolate mousse cake and orange almond flourless cake were amazing. We will definitely go back again just for the desserts. For the food, it was pretty good, but not spectacular enough for us to pause and say wow. It was also expensive for what we got. The service in general was good. We went as a fairly large group, and they were flexible enough to accommodate us all. They got us tables quite quickly (even when the place was packed) when we said that we are happy to split up. This is definitely a place we are happy to go back to.

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