Sunday, February 26, 2012

West End Deli

J was very keen to go to the West End Deli today for lunch.

The café sits confidently alone in a rather quiet corner of Carr and Strathcone Street, surrounded by residential houses. There are no other shops, restaurants or café nearby. So the café must be good to survive in a spot like this, I thought.

The weather was perfect today for sitting outside. We sat in an awkward location outside the café which I thought that we will not be getting any service. But I was wrong. The service was very quick and efficient. Less than 1 minute of sitting down, a waitperson came out with two glasses of water and menus. The drink and food came out rather quickly. And we knew that we will not be forgotten because the waitperson came out every 10 minutes to check on us. I was impressed.

The menu sounds interesting. Take for example, the roast tiger prawns with orange, fennel, basil and green olives. Or the devilled egg with avocado, cherry tomato and coriander salad. And there are the classics like the steak sandwich or the steak and mushroom pie.

J settled for pork belly and soft shell crab, hazelnut apple salad speck and tawny port. He said that the dish was very refreshing and flavoursome. The apple salad and tawny port dressing goes very well with the pork belly and the hazelnut added a nice texture to the dish. The soft shell crab was simply cooked but done well and still retains it juiciness.

We definitely look forward to going back again for breakfast/lunch.

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